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I have been wanting to test this beauty salon for some time, but never seemed to find the space in my wallet for it. That is until Groupon offered a deal with them. Oh happy day! I got a one hour session for a fraction of the price, and I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share this great address with all of you.

A small oasis in the middle of the busy streets of Paris. The ladies who work their are gracious and calming.

The “cabines” are on a lower level, down a narrow staircase, and in a room with a low vaulted ceiling made of the old stones of Paris. Small water fountains decorate the area visually and acoustically.

After a facial or a massage, you can ask to have your make-up touched up. they carry the brand Couleur Caramel. And all the products used for their care is organic and natural.

Back to Bio : 15 rue de Reuilly – 75012 Paris – tel:

Reuilly Diderot ou Faidherbe Chaligny – 46 et 86

Cuisine authentique – Athentic cuisine

You all know that whenever I am outside of Paris and I find something that catches my fancy, I love to inform you about it… I found you all a brand new restaurant in Aix en Provence, that has an age old philosophy : good food that is good for you.

Opened only 3 months ago, l’Atelier du Déjeuner serves up breakfast, brunch and lunch for the Aixois (inhabitants of Aix) and for those who are visiting of course.
So what’s different with this one??? There is no fixed menu, everyday the options change. You have two or three lunch options, and EVERYTHING is freshly bought and freshly made. So although I cannot tell you to indulge in a particular menu item, I can tell you that I cleaned my plate, and went back the next day for more! My papilles (taste buds) were quite happy to eat there twice in one weekend.

A duo of friends who has worked the haute gamme restaurant circuit in Paris, was looking for a little change, a little sun, a little something down-to-earth. And that’s exactly what they have created. A cool interior with pristine white-washed stone walls, is complimented by a courtyard terrace in the back, lined with fresh herb pots growing things that will be going into your plate. You can say ‘bonjour’ to the chef through the window to the kitchen as you pass by on your way to your table. He is in there hand-making every sauce, every dish, every crumb.
You may also order to-go if you wish.

A friendly place full of happy people, amazing flavor in their food and a surprise menu every day!

Open 8h00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday

L’Atelier du Déjeuner
15 rue Boulegon
13100 Aix en Provence
Tel : 04 42 21 11 98
cel : 06 22 03 64 55