Authentic Panama

30 rue Mirosmesnil 75008, Paris

I like things that attach to my extremities… shoes on my feet, rings on my fingers, gloves on my hands and hats on my head! Sadly I have never felt I had a head for hats, but I LOVE hats! I will buy them because I imagine myself sauntering around Paris with this frivolous thing decorating me like some kind of ultra chic Audrey Hepburn character, and then when I bring it home at look at myself in my evil mirror, I feel like a silly cupcake. So I hang the hat on the wall and thus have found a new and interesting way of decorating my wall space.

Buuuut… I recently discovered the Alibaba cavern for hat lovers with heads for hats or not, because there IS a hat foreveryone in here! This place is full of head (or wall) decorations! And they are not just any type of hats, they are authentic panama hats, and hand made “ceremony” hats. The luxe de luxe of hats. Continue reading