Serkan Cura Couture AW1213

Serkan Cura, photo : Prête-Moi Paris

Serkan Cura, after recieving his diploma from l’Académie Royale d’Anvers in 2007, spent four years working in the creative workshops of Jean Paul Gaultier.
Fortified from this experience he presented this season his second couture collection under his name. He shows a flare for exccentric sillhouettes and an affinity for fantastic materials. His creations turn the women who wear them into magical creatures rather than some red carpet princess. These are true works of imagination and creativity.
His Fall 2012-2013 collection is full of feather-work and corsetry. His hope is to bring back ancestral techniques of working with different materials, to show all the aspects that feathers can have with the different ways thet are treated and used. What results from his desire to show off his techniques is one where we are drawn into a magical realm of these natural fibers that have taken on a whole new form, yet retain their original aspects of beauty. (I would love to see his take on a costume for “The Firebird” the ballet by Igor Stravinsky and Michel Fokine). The pieces shown July 2nd 2012 for the Parisian couture week are each different and create together a show. I look forward to seeing his progression in couture. Continue reading

Claudine Ivari, In the Couture Category

Claudine Ivari, a young and very talented designer whom I discovered this past September, offered a presentation at her boutique in the Ritz hotel during the couture fashion week last month in Paris. I felt it was fitting for her to at least show a small part of her collection to the public since, as I have said before, her work is essentially couture although she presents her collections at the prête-à-porter fashion week. So many many hours of work go into each piece, and they all have such an undeniable quality of design as well as fabrication that they just deserve to be shown durring couture week! Continue reading