Shoptiques, a unique shopping experience

A new shopping concept has hit the internet shopping scene. This website I am presenting to you has created a venue online where you can shop local boutiques in far away cities. What do I mean? Well… you know that little boutique on rue Montorgueil in Paris that sells items that can only be obtained by WALKING into THAT store… well not anymore. You can now shop items from that store through the wonderful world of Shoptiques!

(…Read on to find out some of my favorite picks and how you can get a discount!)

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Jean Paul Gautier boutique, Paris

Post by Frank G. Cierpial

Photo by Frank G. Cierpial

It is said in psychology that if a person knows something to be false but hears it enough times, this person will inevitably begin to believe the falsehood and to question themselves. This is what happens to most designers in the fashion industry. Society has always dictated to us what is considered beautiful or ugly and masculine or feminine, especially in the Fashion Industry. And it is rare that a designer will decide not to be swayed in his or her thinking, and it is even rarer that a designer will actually reflect those opinions in an industry of so many rules and opinions dictated by the ever important opinions of shareholders. But, there is one designer who stuck to his guns and did something truly incredible. He always said “La plus grande élégance, c’est la verité”. This is Jean Paul Gaultier. Continue reading