Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Listening to Love

Another volume in the series of finding the “most” romantic spot in Paris… I have drawn upon my own experiences and those shared with me, to explore the idea of what might be considered the most romantic spot in Paris. There are romantic places to stroll in the scenery of this beautiful city…. there are places to dine and tempt ourselves with taste. There are the ever sensual arts. And there are also places to ignite the other senses of and thus the heart strings.

In the begining of my romance with Chéri, he took me to a place that I have since lamented as it closed down…Les 7 Lézards. It was a jazz bar, a very well-known one, where we had our first kiss. A cozy and sultry place, it oozed sensuality, not only with the fantastic music it offered but also from its warm and inviting interior. The bar has long since closed its doors, but their website still remains, maintained by a group “Friends of the 7 Lézards” who can’t seem to let go of this legendary place.

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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Romance in the Air

So an article from the Huffington Post about the Pont des Arts as the most romantic spot in Paris has inspired this piece or series of pieces. It got me thinking that although the Pont des Art is quite romantic, there may be people out there with a different idea of the most romantic spot in the City of Light (and love).

My friends at Osez Le Romantisme have compiled a list of the 10 most romantic spots in the city. These are some of the classic most popular spots in Paris, and are, among visitors and tourists, places where they have experienced some of the most amazing moments of their lives. And I agree, who wouldn’t want to be in one of those beautiful spots with the person they love!?!

But the purpose of these pieces is to dig into the idea of “the most romantic spot in Paris”, on a  more personal level. Through my own expereices, I want to encourage you to respond, comment and reply about what you people, readers, Paris lovers and *gasp* Parisians, consider one of the most romantic spots in the city is. (FYI : being Parisian doesn’t mean you are necessarily French, it just means you live here).

I Hediard Paris! Hediard is already commercializing on Valentine's day. #Paris #Hediard #heart
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Setting the romantic scene in Paris

Valentines day is coming up… and although many of the French still pooh-pooh this Hallmark holiday, it is catching on for quite a few of them. Restaurants, bars, hotels and other services will are starting to offer special Valentines day deals (and generally jack up the price). Last year Chéri and I had a little dinner out at the restaurant where we went on our first date (right next to the Opéra de Paris, my favorite monument of Paris). There was no Valentines day special there that night, and that was just fine with us, since it was like we had a little romantic secret that the rest of the other people there dining did not. Of course this is most likely untrue…but that’s how it felt at our window corner seat table for two with the glowing Opera house smiling back at us. And that is how I feel Valentines should be. A feeling of shared complicity with your loved one… A secret display of affection… as opposed to a giant over-the-top public publication of desire or love (which although if tastefully done is not completely out of the question!) So… I have found just the thing for all of you to do in Paris to help celebrate intimately your feelings with your chéri : Continue reading