Patrick de Pertat

Aquamarine, diamonds and white gold, by Patrick de Pertat 5100€

Maître bijoutier & archeologist

I like to think it was fate that helped me find this artisan jeweler. I had been discussing wedding bands with the jewelers to whom Chéri went to get the engagement ring he offered me, and something about them just rubbed me the wrong way. I tried and tried to like them, to trust them and to feel at ease with them, but after my fourth visit with them I still felt they were not able to understand what I needed, nor were they able to offer me the type of “accueil” that I was hoping to get from the people who would sell me a band that I will wear for the rest of my life. I always felt like they were trying to trick me. I am sure it is personal thing as Chéri never felt this kind of vibe from them. Continue reading