Pretty Paris Pictures : Night Lights

I have been braving the cold and dreary weather lately, with my camera in tow, trying to capture some of those beautiful moments that flicker across my life in this amazing city… And if course I do all that so I can share it with you! Sometimes I end up walking waaaay farther than I originally intend to, all for the sake of getting more great shots. Some of my night shots come out rather yellowish, I wonder if it’s the lights here, or is it my camera? I don’t do any image altering or filtering on my pictures that I post here. I would, if I had the time, but I am just to busy to bother. So I end up taking quite a handful of clichés for each frame, in order to get the perfect picture that won’t need modifications.

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Secret Rooftop View

I got to go to a soirée the other night at an über secret location for an event that I can’t even share with you!

I was only able to take pictures of the view…
Blurry Sacre Coeur


There is nothing more delightful and Parisian than the rooftops as they jostle each other for skyline space and the horizon jumps along the chimney pots like on a harmonious musical chord that skips and and falls and rises with a joyful tune.
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Pretty Paris Pictures : Snow!

I am sure every Paris based blogger has been posting articles about the snow blanketed city of lights! Thanks to the delightful powdering by mother nature we all got to enjoy winter for once in the city-that-rarely-gets-snow.

So now, allow me to add mine to the list. 🙂

Also you can visit Le Figaro’s collection of photos of Paris under the snow, where you can see how pretty it is, and Parisians having fun, and *gasp* helping eachother!

I also enjoyed A French Frye In Paris’ post with pictures of all the snowy playfulness in Montmartre!


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Paris Carnival : Photo shoot with Keith Pitts

So this is not a bridal shoot, I promise! 😉
But it is a fun and frivolous shoot that Chéri and I did just shortly after our wedding.

One of the blogs I follow, French Wedding Style run by Monique was having a giveaway contest some months back, that I entered. I have to be honest, I had almost forgotten about it when suddenly I recieved an email telling me that I was one of the winners! I scheduled a day in July to do the photo shoot with the photographer Keith Pitts, and decided it would be fun to continue the carnival/circus theme we had for our June wedding.

We met Keith at the merry-go-round just below Trocadero where we had done some of our wedding photos, and it was quite fun to see the differences between the two photographers at the same spot. Keith was a super easy-going guy, totally uncomplicated and easy to talk to. He and Chéri engaged in conversation about everything from Paris to travel to Arizona where Keith is From.

Keith Pitts Photography

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Paris Set Me Free – Paris street photography competition

International Paris Street Photography Competition With Sab of Paris If You Please


One of my Paris street photography entries



Prête-Moi Paris is proud to be a sponsor of this innovative event in Paris, imagined by Sab Will of Paris If You Please.

There will be a monthly competition, and a yearly competition. You may enter every month, but only win first place one month out of the year. You will however be eligible for 2nd and 3rd place every month! Each month the first place winners will be entered into the final annual competition, but for the final competition of the year ONE extra spot will be left open for competitors who have not yet won a monthly contest.

Win a Nikon by entering three photos in our monthly photo competition on Flickr – Go to the Flickr page here to join the group and enter your pics. Also, go to this page on Facebook to see and hear Sab’s introductory video:

This is a combined effort with some other great people running Paris-based sites such as Paris Daily Photo (Eric), Guide2Paris (Jon), Prête-Moi Paris (moi) and Prissy Mag (Priscilla), with more getting on board all the time. And with sponsors comes MORE PRIZES!


Here are the rules and how to enter. Please respect them so we can run a fantastic group:

1) You may enter three (no more and no less -it must be THREE) Paris pictures at the same moment (so they are next to each other) each month. People entering less than three will have them deleted. People entering more than three will have numbers 4, 5, etc. removed, and receive a friendly warning and suggestion they (re)read these rules.

2) You took the shots and own all rights to them.

3) You give us full permission to use them for non-profit making purposes in the context of the promotion of this competition on any or all of the participating sites including web sites, blogs, sponsors’ sites, Facebook pages etc. under the condition that you are always credited with at least your name, and, if appropriate, a link back to the original image or a related web site of your choice.

4) Images must have been taken in Paris, France, but it doesn’t matter when.

5) Once entered, pictures cannot be entered again, even if they didn’t win anything.

6) Respect usual norms of decency.

7) Our definition of ‘street photography’ is ‘unplanned’ events or images captured spontaneously in the street, so things like your own model shoot, or silly product placement wouldn’t work. Common sense will prevail, and you just need to look at the images in this group to see the limits of what’s acceptable.

8) You need to have full permission for posting pictures showing people who are clearly identifiable. In posting such images here, you are explicitly guaranteeing that you have this permission and we are not responsible in ANY way for any consequences arising from your actions. Be sensible and sensitive.

9) The judges’ decision is final.

10) You retain full rights to all your images, but in order to be eligible for prizes you agree to the conditions of use of your pictures as stated in 3) above.

11) Have fun, participate in discussions, be nice, friendly, positive