Little Paris Tips

I have a few fun updates about some things I love in Paris :

I posted about this bubbly brand back in 2012, but did you know that Mon Champagne now delivers, in Paris, in less than three hours?!? I mean we all know how bad a champagne emergency is, right?!?!? LOL! Okay, all kidding aside, who wants to lug six bottles of champagne home in a caddie on the metro? Pas moi. Plus the delivery guys (on bicycles = they are in shape) are claimed to be hot! Hmmmm… this could be a new way to meet a French man for you single ladies out there!

Aaaand, EVEN MORE EXCITING is the Champagne Box. My friends over there are crowd funding to launch the product so hop on board and offer Mon Champagne your support. This is going to be awesome when it launches. Plus for your contribution, you can have cool stuff! You have until the 14th of May to participate!


The Carreau du Temple, that I fell in love with last year, is now having it’s grand opening (they seem to have had a few non-grand openings, but this one seems to be the big one). April 25-27th. The event is a weekend surrounding the body with : music, dance, “voguing”, fashion, design, shows, martial arts … and more.

Seine Scene in the Pink

Priceless Paris continues to launch and relaunch seasons of exciting adventures in Paris. Here is the access to the current season of their partnership with MasterCard …

I blogged about a darling little café quiiiiiite some time ago. Le Village café in the 10th, now has an online boutique. Thought I would share that with you all.



The Paris Money Can’t Buy #PricelessParis

This past summer I was invited to the Rolland Garros opening day by Happy Curious (a PR, communications and social intelligence firm) and Mastercard France for their project Priceless Paris. The goal was to offer a “priceless” moment to a selected bunch of Parisians (and I happened to be one of them! Lucky me!). But the project was more than just an afternoon of tennis. Happy Curious spent the Summer concocting and conducting a study for Mastercard on what Parisians feel are priceless moments in the city of light.

Happy Curious soirée for their MasterCard Priceless Paris study results

And so I was invited recently to a dinner at the Chambre des Oiseaux restaurant (a darling place with REAL homemade food, that I will surely return to) with a group of Paris bloggers for the revealing of the results of the study. What was discovered surprised me. I was heading to the dinner expecting to hear all sorts of “priceless Paris moments” that were full of wildly opulent desires and luxurious memories, costly events and exclusive venues. But no, the Parisian is much more simple than I had judged…the Parisian appreciates that which money cannot buy. My faith in the Parisian has hence been restored. 🙂

Photo : Léna Balacco de La Chambre aux Oiseaux)

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Priceless Paris & Roland Garros

I was invited recently to experience “Priceless Paris” with Mastercard‘s new concept (I was invited through Happy Curious) to the Roland Garros tennis stadium for the annual French tournament (what the Anglophones call the French Open). I have NEVER been to a tennis match, nor am I a huge sports fan. I like sports when “my” team is winning the finals, or when it’s the Olympics. But it’s not every day I get invited to major world sporting events and the Roland Garros tournament is quite prestigious, so I thought I better go! Continue reading