Friday en Français : Se Faire Chouchouter

Le concept : traduire un ancien billet et français, déjà pour pratiquer mon français à l’écrit mais aussi pour faire un geste envers mes lecteurs et lectrices francophones! N’hésitez pas à me corriger mon français.

The concept : translate an old post into French, first in order to practice my written French, but also to be a bit more welcoming to my francophone readers! Don’t hesitate to correct my French.

(Original Post in English)

Ce billet a été posté le 18 octobre 2009 :

J’étais chez Printemps l’autre jour parce que j’avais une heure et demi à tuer avant d’aller à un rendez-vous. J’avais besoin de remplir mon stock de produits de beauté Nuxe, une marque dont je suis très fan. J’étais tellement concentrée sur ma recherche pour la collection de flacons Nuxe que mon champs de vision n’était pas très grand. Je n’en trouvais pas, et cela me semblait très étrange surtout pour un magasin comme Printemps. Alors je demande à une vendeuse qui montre de son doigt…un spa Nuxe. C’était comme regarder la porte du Paradis. Il y avait même un sorte de lumière angélique sortant de l’intérieure! Quelques jours plus tard, j’étais l’heureuse cliente avec un rendez-vous pour un samedi après-midi.
Samedi 16h30 arrivé… j’arrive un peu à la hâte pile-poil à l’heure, mais cela veux dire que je n’ai pas à attendre , ce qui me convient. Commençons de suite le massage pour mes muscles tendus. J’avais choisi le massage suédois, que, l’on m’a dit, Nuxe a modifié un peu pour en créer un mélange d’un massage suédois et un massage californien. Le massage suédois étant un massage des couches profondes de l’épiderme et le californien étant plus superficiel mais avec des mouvements plus rapides. Peu m’importe, tâtez-moi comme de la pâte à modeler s’il vous plaît. Le massage durait 1h15 de relaxation pure. (Mais je pense que la masseuse a fait un chouilla plus). Il y avait à peu près 10 minutes de pré-massage à sec (sans huile) puis une heure de massage du corps entier, et on m’a demandé si j’aimais les massage léger ou profond… profonde please! Épaules, dos, bras, épaules encore, l’arrière des jambes, les pieds…on tourne… pieds encore, le devant des jambes, bras, mains, poitrine, épaules encore, ventre, tête… le tout quoi. Et puis quand elle a terminé, la masseuse m’a invité à me lever lentement pour m’assoir sur la table de massage et elle m’a fait un massage de réveil sur le dos, ce qui a duré encore 5 minutes à peu près, et m’a ramené à la réalité, juste assez pour pouvoir prendre le métro et rentrer. Mais je pense que je suis rentré sur un nuage. 

Il y a 3 Spas Nuxe à Paris, encore 2 en France et un en Allemagne. Leur produits sont divins et ils une gamme de produits bios aussi.
Visiter leur site pour des addresses et plus d’info :
here are 3 Nuxe Spas in Paris, 2 more in France and one in Germany.

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Alice à tout prix! = There’s something about Alice!

Alice is having a party and all of Paris is invited! Alice in Wonderland that is. Or as we say en français Alice au Pays des Merveilles. While we wait for Tim Burton’s highly anticipated film to hit cinema screens across the country on March 24th, we have the opportunity to delve into the magic before-hand at the Printemps department store on boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement. I was able to speak with Martin Butruille, the promotion manager for Disney France who negociated the campaign and contracts with Printemps. The well connected department store then dug into it’s deep teapot of artists and poured out a steaming cup of fashion that everyone seems to love! Mr. Butruille also worked on the approval of the window designs, backgrounds and concepts, but the couturiers were given artistic freedom on their garment creations. Not to be left out, Laduree has jumped in the mix, because what is a tea party without delicious things to eat?!? There are macarons EVERYWHERE. (If you don’t know what a macaron is, you are missing out on the most heavenly cookie on earth). And Laduree has created a Salon de thé éphémère inside the store, where you can delight in a macaron or two, a cup of tea, and all the amazing decoration that has gone into this promotional marriage of Printemps and Disney. I was also both delighted and sad to see a beautiful design by Alexander McQueen featured at the center of the window displays. It may very well have been his last piece. His creative genius will be greatly missed.

Okay, enough mad hatter jabber! More fashion!

Alexander McQueen
Charles Anastase
Ann Demeulemeester
Martin Margiela
Haider Akermann

Christopher Kane Nicholas Kirkwood

If you would like to check out the Printemps pre-show online go to the front page features the fun at the blvd Haussmann store. They are also doing promotional games on twitter and facebook :

Don’t be late for tea with Alice!

Joyeuses Fêtes! – Happy Holidays!

Christmas is always a magical time of year for those who love the Christmas spirit. I didn’t have to search far for the magic in Paris…
The place where you can find all the children with big round eyes is in front of the display windows (“vitrines”) of the Grands Magasins, Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. Every year they have celebrity designers invent a concept for their Christmas windows, or “vitrines de noël”. They always have some mechanical fantasy that moves puppets and objects to create for a little show. In front of these large and wonderful mechanical scenes there is a special, platform that runs the length of the window, wide enough for two children to pass eachother, and guarded by a railing so that only children may get on it. It brings them up above the knees of the pushy camera bearing adults so that they can see and dream…

The adults can enjoy other smaller windows that are more for displaying the designers’ clothing and accessories than the Holiday scenes, but in a festive manner with all the trimmings that can only be conceptualized by the reative minds of the designers.
And they do seem a bit more geered towards adults this year, or is that just the general French attitude towards “allure”? Whatever it is, it certainly catches the eye!

The other theme that Printemps touched upon was luxury and fine things…Although stunning, I found this less magical in a year of financial crisis and high unemployment rates…

These windows are by DIOR and CHANEL :

But most of the magic that I found was within the company of loved ones. Whether it was baking cookies for them, decorating trees with them or just spending these precious moments together, moments that seem so fleeting as every year sails on by and by…the magic of Christmas for me can’t be found in a gift box or display window, the magic of Christmas is the warmpth that comes from loved ones.

"Se faire chouchouter" = To get pampered

I was at Printemps the other day because I had a half an hour to kill before going somewhere. I needed to replenish my stock of Nuxe facial products, for which I am a total fan. I was searching so intently on the shelves that my field of vision was not very wide. I couldn’t find any Nuxe products, and I found this very odd for such a grand magasin. So I found a salesperson and asked, and she pointed right in front of me, to… a Nuxe Spa. It was like looking at the gates of heaven. There was even a sort of golden angelic light coming from inside! Several days later I found myself the happy client with a rendez-vous scheduled for a saturday afternoon.
Fast-forward to Saturday 4:30pm… I arrive somewhat in a rush, but no waiting around is fine with me. Let’s get right down to massaging my achy muscles. I chose the Swedish massage, which I was told, Nuxe had modified slightly to make a mixture of a Swedish and a Californian massage. The swedish being a very deep tissue massage and the Californian having more superficial but more rapid strokes. Whatever, just pat me like play-do please. The massage was an hour and 15 min of pure relaxation. (I think the therapist did go over time a tiny bit though). There was about 10 minutes of pre-massaging à sec (sans oil) then an hour of full body massaging, and I was asked if I liked my massages more light or more deep…deep please! Shoulders, back, arms, shoulders again, back of legs, feet…flip…feet again, front of legs, arms, hands, chest, shoulders again, belly, head…the works. And then when she had finished the therapist invited me to get up slowly and sit with my back facing her for a massage de reveil, a wake up massage that lasted about 5 minutes, and brought me back to reality, just enough to be able to take the metro home. I think I rode a cloud home though.There are 3 Nuxe Spas in Paris, 2 more in France and one in Germany. Their products are divine, and they have an organic line (bio) as well.
Visit their website for addresses and info :