Paris Loves Retro

Bike Box Retro is in. In any form these days it seems. When I look at fashion trends I see retro from the 1920’s to the 1980’s popping up in every magazine. Wedding decoration has gone totally retro, and even photography is looking backwards for inspiration.

I love it. Maybe it is just a sign of our times, where our future looks so dismal (poor economy, layoffs, longterm unemployment, lack of retirement funding, social conflicts, the struggle for equality, all top news headlines), so it only seems natural to turn towards a retrospective where life seemed less complicated (of course hind sight is always blurred). But we seem to all want to take the best of the 20th century and celebrate it in an attempt to ease the bitter pill of our futures.

And Paris, being that age old city that holds onto its legacies and promotes its historical monuments as the massive treasures they are, has caught the retro bug. You can find it in many different ways here. Continue reading