Buvette Gastrotheque

Buvette Gastrotheque - basket

This Fall and Winter, you may run into me at the Buvette Gastrothèque

I stumbled upon this place which is located on one of my favorite streets in Paris, rue Henri Monnier, while I was heading to a Cleopatr’as Bling private sale at Sugar Daze Cupcakes just a few doors down. I stopped in my tracks as I passed by the open door. It was the ceiling that got me. A carved tin ceiling. a rarity in Paris. It’s more of a New York thing. And well guess what, this ceiling was made based upon the ceiling of the Buvette Gastrothèque in the West Village of Manhattan. Yep, the owners of the ultra-trendy-eatery-where-you-can-bump-into-famous-people spot in NYC have followed their hearts to Paris! Continue reading

♥ Prête-Moi Paris celebrates 3 years! ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Moi, Photo by Kasia Dietz

So Prête-Moi Paris turned 3 years old very recently (plus I am celebrating 10 years since my arrival in Paris!!!) and I thought I deserved a party….so I threw one!

Within just one month’s time of organisation, I gathered together some of the best people and elements I know in the City of Lights, to collaborate with and help me create and event that not only I would enjoy and celebrate but where my friends could benefit too! There was champagne, and cupcakes and frills and a specially made cocktail (a recipe post is in the works), and lots of pink, and sweets, and awesome prizes that were raffled off (for free of course) so that I could promote some of my favorite brands and services that I have blogged about or tested over the past three years.

Happy 3rd Birthday Prête-Moi Paris! from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo. Continue reading