Pin the Shoe on the Dress

Pin the Shoe on the Dress
#ModCloth and more for a fun and chic Valentine’s Day outfit to go to dinner, dancing and beyond with your Chéri!
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Shoes at the BHV

When I worked in study abroad, I used to tell my students who came here to Paris, that if they needed anything and couldn’t find it they could always head to the BHV. I used to say that at the BHV, you could more or less build, decorate and live in a house with everything they have there. But, recently, with their new ad campaign, I realized that there was one thing missing…
. . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shoes.

Prete Moi Paris

I am really shocked at myself. How could I not have noticed?!? Moi! Shoe hoard and fanatic!!! Well, now I am truly happy to say that you can finally build, decorate and live, and thrive (meaning : suffice your shoe cravings) with all they have to offer at the BHV…

Fall-Winter Boot wishlist

These may not be the most practical of footwear, but they are orgasmic, and I want every single one to be a part of my closet. I have a shoe issue. But that’s not news, and nothing to be ashamed of. Right Kelly?!?

So back to the shoe subject at hand…. here’s my drool list for this season :

Oscar De La Renta : Ella suede trim and gold brocade baroque inspired ankle boots

Givenchy cuffed and layered shaft knee boot, in moka

Alexander Wang, super sleek ankle boots

Nine West feminity low boots in purple suede

Givenchy cuffed box calf three toned ankle boots

Nina Ricci low boots in python with zip in the back

Nine West Nwcosy low boots with ankle cut-out

Alexander McQueen black low boot with a spike heel, interior platform and a giant bow in the back

Visconti London brown biker boot

A.F. Vandervorst bi-material suede and leather low boot with wedge heel

See more of my looks at ShopStyle. And then after walking around Paris all afternoon in these shoes, head to Le Nid du Phénix for a foot massage!

#PFW Shoe Sighting

Paris fashion week, holds an aspect that I love to explore…. SHOES!
There are so many fun shoes to see and photograph and discover… Shoes, shoes. shoes… fabulous and fun shoes!
Here are some of the shoes I captured :

It takes two! Two feet, two colors, two types of leather…

Red, shiny, fuzzy, all sorts of stuff going on here!

Dainty and fun but the lady needs to learn how to stand like a lady…

Posing pretty!

Comfort and a little bit retro.

Zara…is totally acceptable too!

Color blocking.

Pierre Hardy pizazz!

Not afraid to be blue.

Pretty and sweet summer style.

It’s still rock and roll to me…

Sparkly like the Eiffel tower!

Well, not EVERYONE has good taste in shoes!

Louboutin’s Spring and Summer stilts!


Yes, I am a Louboutin fan, and even though that seems to be a blazé thing these days, like everyone has a Loubi shoe-crush or a pair or three in their closet… (so it’s sort-of an epidemic), even though… I still love them. They have all the seduction power you need! And of course they just make your feet like like amilliondollas! I think everyone who is or has been a ballerina has a shoe-thing. We like to make our feet pretty.

So of course, I found myself making a small, I mean mediocre, ok fine, LARGE detour the other day so that I could get a peek (and a few snapshots) of the Spring collection in the windows at the rue Jean Jaques Rousseau boutique.

And of course, my dear readers, I share these things with you.

Feast your eyes…


It’s like a fancy circus goes marina chic slash grand band stand frivolousness! It’s super fun and there are even non-high-heels to chose from. So those of you with severe vertigo can still enjoy a pair of Louboutins.












Paris Fashion Week – Feet style!

Half the fun at fashion week is checking out the other people who attend fashion week! Check my post on it here. But even better than their ensemble is their footwear (at least for a shoe-crazed person like me)! Here’s my take on fashion week feet style!

She's staying at the Crillon and doesn't have far to walk, that's why she can pull these Pradas off!


I call these, the busy blogger shoes! Comfy, classic and fun!


Chanel, what else?


This boy's got nouveau-grunge style down.


She's gonna need a foot massage at the end of the day!


In the mood for spring!


She's got a little 'spring' in her step!


My-my-my-my dancin' shoes!


And ah one, two, three, four...


Taking retro to the next level.


Classic tan and tassle fancies!


I bet she goes from one fashion show to the next on her kickass Harley!


Silver (tights) and gold (shoes).


Barbara Bui, she's got a better grip on the silver and gold thing.


Pop it with red tights and voilà! You have style.


Just try hiking in those... I dare ya!


Great shoes, but even better...


... are the stockings!


Are we still matching our purse with our shoes? I can't remember.


Dangerously sexy.


There are several personalities here all battling for attention.


The boy blogger, he gets to be soooo chic and soooo comfortable, it's just not fair!


Dressing up the jeans.


Nothing beats a red suede spike heel boot!

Pause chaussures

A shoe moment

Let’s pretend that 2011 will be the year of the shoe… well every year is the year of the shoe for me.

In my humble opinion, a shoe should (in addition to protecting the foot) elongate the line of both the foot and the leg, accentuate the curves of both and give a sens of movement.

Shoes should not make pretty feet look large or bulky, and shoes should ameliorate those feet that are less than lovely.

The most beautiful of all pedi-décorum to me is the ballerina toe-shoe, or pointe. They embody all of the qualities that I look for, lengthening, decoration, suppleness and curve accentuation.

Freed point shoes

But some designers have taken this shoe form and turned it into what I find to be an abominable article for the foot. TO BE AVOIDED! : (Although I love Mcqueen’s work…I do not like these shoes).

A McQueen

Moving on…

Uggs seem to have made it to Europe, much to my dismay… never has anything ever looked so sad and frumpy on a human. I know, I know… everyone raves about the comfort level… but you might notice, that comfort did not enter into my criteria for a good shoe. People, we do not live in the ice age… the Uggs have goo to go! The do nothing aesthetic for the feet :

A warm foot bath and a foot massage will do just fine thank you very much!

Since we have mentioned those ghastly boots… and we realize that it is currently winter, we shall explore the possibilities of boot-wear as an alternative :

Conte Barone

Costume National


Duccio Del Duca


And no whining about the heels! Musketeers used to wear heeled boots, and they rode horses, protected the king and fought with swords in them.

Here’s another topic I want to discuss : Heel hight and thickness… There seems to be regular rotation of the trend attached to the shoe heels. One year they are up, another year they are down, then they are thin then they are fat. And then back again they go. I think it has something to do with consumerism and getting us all to buy new pairs every six or twelve months. I like classic looking shoes, that don’t stray to far off into trend-land, that participate in the lines of the female figure and help give a lady a look of grace. Too chunky can destroy the line, and too thin can make the rest of her look off kilter. It’s all about balance.


Emporio Armani



L'Autre Chose


Raffaele Settembre

The shape of the human foot was conceived as functional and beautiful, in my opinion. Why would we modify it so, with bulky clunky fat heels and distract from it’s original form?

More on the heel… How about this comparison series…?



It started out as a sort-of pretty shoe…and then they pegged on this straight squarish heel that doesn’t do much for the curvey line of the leg or the foot. Let’s hope she wears a long skirt to hide it.


Here the lovely contours are respected nicely, I bet she wore a short skirt so as not to hide those leg lines!


This unfortunately did NOT start out as a pretty shoe, and to throw insult onto injury, they gave it a sad boring square shaped heel. Blah.


Voilà! Pretty, pretty, pretty! These look fun to wear and lovely to look at on the end of someones legs!


A thick heel with a peep-toe, and all in patent leather at that (with polka dot interior)… it just screams “I’m trying really, really hard to be cute”… It’s like putting a ruffled skirt on a 40-year-old woman…sad really.


Curvy and sexy, not too thick, not too thin, and the patent leather is suddenly sultry!


Hi. I am wearing stilts, that cost me an arm and a leg.

Versace Jeans Couture

Simple yet slightly embellished, with proportionate lines and a pretty combination of textures.


Peg leg. that is all.


Now THIS is what I am talking about! These people understand lines and the art of dressing the human body.

For those who are very picky and can’t find what they want… though there does seem to be a shoe out there for every taste and every occasion… or if you have your own creative ideas but no place to make them manifest… there are people who want to help you. (PS: I have not tested them) :

Retro by Michael, shoes made exactly how you want them. You pick the colors and the materials, you bring in your ideas. They make the shoes.

Otherwise I’d love to hear the opinions of my readers!

Tell me what are your favorite shoes?

The race that “heeled” me – Escarpin carpe diem!

Ok people!

C’est une course en escarpins, et mon équipe et moi voulons y participer!

It’s a race. And we are required to wear high heels. Of 8 centimeters in height no less! Some people would say it sounds like torture… but they are just crazy! I say it sounds like fun!

Hey, if the shoe fits….!

Well I will be fitting my shoes on and stretching my ham-strings! And you will get your fingers clicking.. pretty please!

So you will click on the following link

And you will see a page like this :

You will click on the little button that looks like this :

Then you will see a window pop up like this :

You will have to sign up to vote : click  “JE M’INSCRIS” :

A sign up sheet will appear like this :

Translation for non French speakers :

Prénom = First name

Sexe = gender

Mail = Email address

Pays = Country (just put France, they only have 2 choices)

Mot de Passe = Password

Confirmer Mos de Passe = Confirm your Password

Recopier ci-dessous les chiffres qui apparaissent à gauche = Rewrite below the umbers that appear on the left

Je veux tout savoir sur Sarenza et j’accepte de recevoir la newsletter et les bons plans chaussures = I want to know all about Sarenza and I accept to receive the newsletter and shoe deals (um you can check the box if you want!)


A small window will pop up saying (in French) that your vote has been registered!

YOU CAN VOTE AGAIN ONCE A DAY!!!!! So go back every day through November 7th and vote!

Put your email address and password into the sign up form like this :

You will be sent an email to confirm the vote with a link that you must click on that will make your vote valide, otherwize it will NOT count!!! Do this everyday, once a day until the 14th of November. The race is held on the 3rd of December.

The team with the MOST votes gets a garunteed spot. The rest are drawn out of a hat. 16 French ones and 16 English ones. We are signed up as a French team (my two co-runners are both French, and I consider myself almost Parisian…so I figure it’s passable!)

If we win a spot in the race, my team and I, will do our best not to disappoint! And you can bet your Louboutins that I will give you a full report!

To learn more about this crazy endeavor click here!

Team Prête-Moi Paris! : (me) Melissa (the blonde), Alexia (the redhead), Alexandra (the brunette).

Merci! (Thank you!)

Bisoussssssss! XOXOXOXOXO!

Estrella Archs – prima ballerina’s not prima donas!

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

Estrella Archs, recently emancipated over the past year from directing someone else’s line, is putting all her energy into her own line, and has found a theme for that Spanish passion that drives her : the “liberation of movement” : la danse! Oh libre she is, and is enjoying her freedom in bold pink and better choices for collaboration. Gone are the Lindsey Lohan days of disappointment.

Dancers, real ballerinas, not models took to the catwalk for her show in Paris this afternoon, and the didn’t walk, they danced. Her new line for Spring and Summer 2011, in pinks of all shades, has two very vivid influences to it : Flamenco and ballet. The former expressing force and passion, the latter defining the grace and precision of the line. From barely-there pink to blinding fuchsia in fluid silk crêpes, silk gauze, semi-soft suede to one seamed dresses that created a swirling spiral of feminine beauty and movement.

Italian born Mara Galeazzi the star of Archs’ publicity campaign, is a principal dancer for the Royal Ballet. She and twelve other dancers from the Royal Ballet donned the pink frocks and pranced choreography by Alastair Mariott under the spotlight in heel-less Vicente Rey high heels. They did more than model the line, they gave it life.

Estrella Archs

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

After the show I hung around to snap a few shots of the dancers and the designer

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

Estrella Archs isthe 4th from the left in a bright pink top and  black skirt.

Me & Mara Galeazzi

Mara told me that she was “so nervous” before the show started. Maybe it was the shoes, maybe it was the fear of the flashing cameras (which ballerinas are not used to), maybe it was the pressure of having only ONE show that lasts a mere 15 minutes. But nervous or not, she shined (or glowed pink) like the graceful dancer she is. Mara is no stranger to the fashion runway though, she did the Jenny Packham Collection in February 2004.

Thank you Mara! You were gorgeous in the show!

Estrella Archs SS2011 Paris

The dancers mastered these shoes like no runway model could ever do. It takes well trained muscles and years of point shoes to be able to do this kind of catwalking!

Shoes by Vicente Rey… OMG! Gorgeous!

A stunning show and a beautifully feminine line…

I was ecstatic to see ballerinas take on fashion week.

Bravo Estrella for thinking outside of the catwalk!

Prendre son pied – Get your kicks


It’s an orgasmic experience to say the least, a Louboutin shoe.
Mr. Louboutin, you are what women want, or at least you know what we want.


The foot is apparently the most common non-sexual-organ body part that is involved in fantasy, or podophilia. For example, in China, for centuries, womens’ feet were even bound (and deformed) to give them a more culturally desired aesthetic, small feet like that of a concubine princess. Although this practice has waned and is now considered barbaric and cruel, foot fetishism has only grown as fabulous footwear has become accessible to more and more women.

The recent popularity of the Louboutin luxury creations only goes to show that shoes are one of the hottest items used to attract some sultry attention. It also helps that he has some of Hollywood’s most sought after creatures sporting his wares.
Dita Von Teese is a Louboutin lover (of whom Mr. Louboutin once said “Dita is the ultimate showgirl and top of my list of muses”) and she even wears his creations in her burlesque shows. Madonna has also worn them during her performance, and they have been seen on the red carpet worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet among many others.

There are many websites that claim to sell Louboutins, but the only place to officially buy them is through a select few official e-commerce retailers listed on the Louboutin official website or in one of their own sumptuous boutiques scattered across the globe.

In my opinion, it’s better to go to a boutique. There, you are surrounded by shoes, shoes, shoes, all soled in that signature red. Louboutin has understood something that is very important, red makes the ladies look stunning. Garnier, when he designed the Paris Opera house, was the first to put plush red velvet fabric in the theater, because he said, red gives the ladies a more blushing glow. Well he was right, and so is Christian Louboutin. The eye goes directly to the foot when there is a flash of red underneath. And this is a very sensual place to look; as we have learned from all those foot fetishes. There was a time when a lady would never show any more but the toe of her shoe in public, and showing a little bit of ankle was considered outrageously sexy! And although the skirts have become more shorter, and the legs much longer, the foot, when properly primmed and packaged, can still make them all swoon.

My favorite Parisian boutique is at 19, rue Jean-Jaques Rousseau in the 1st arrondissement. It’s a fabulous place to play, a magical place where art is wearable. And despite their enormous popularity, Louboutin shoes still remain an exclusive item given the price tag. But they are worth every penny, and make you feel like a princess without ever having to disfigure your little piggies. Au contraire, you get to dress them up. Besides, why would you ever wear a pair of shoes that didn’t make your feet look sexy?

Mr. Christian Louboutin is a creative, passionate and funny man, who really doesn’t take himself too seriously, blogs, makes short films (starring his shoes of course), and calls himself “The Great Mr. L”.

I call him a genius.