Claudine Ivari SS2012

Set in a sumptuous and historic hôtel particulier at 79 bis avenue Marceau, Claudine Ivari’s showroom looks like something even a princess would daydream about! It is also the setting for her Paris Fashion week debut. And what a place to show the world her talent…


P1110477 The theme of her Spring 2012 collection is “L’Or des Moissons” (Harvest Gold), the golden color of wheat and the weave of its form as well as the graphic silhouette of the Hallgrimur church in Reykjavik, Iceland. The entire collection is rampant with elegance and femininity, enough to make you swoon. The marrying of such a natural element (the golden wheat) and such a human made structure (the church) seems to have brought out a contrast that doesn’t even look like a contrast, it blends together so well. Miss Ivari has an artist’s eye for shape, design, texture and has the ability to put all of these together to create something that accents the feminine form to perfection. These pieces can be worn for decades to come. They are stunning, timeless and sophisticated. In addition to her talent, she also has values. Her work is 100% made in France.

P1110379 P1110385 P1110388 P1110391


Between prête-à-porter and couture, Claudine Ivari’s talent for design and her ability to work with noble materials and turn them into what looks easy, classic and simple, yet there is nothing simple about her work. It is finished and polished and has intricate detail (embroidery or weaving),  or a well designed cut for a perfect fit on the body. Frankly every piece looks diving to slip into.



P1110408 P1110418 P1110424 P1110437 P1110439 P1110448 P1110450


The show was so beautiful and in such an exquisite setting that it quite literally lifted spirits. Applause at the end was as enthusiastic and sincere as it was exuberant. Spectators had these authentic smiles (a rarity at a Paris fashion week event) on their faces as Claudine took her graceful bow. We were all impressed and exhilarated. Those who wanted to stick around afterwards, were invited to nibble on hors d’oeuvres and sip champagne.

What I found to be an especially warm touch was that her three sisters were so involved in her endeavor. Two of them walked in the show and the other greeted and seated guests. All of them have this incredible glowing beauty and gentle personalities that make you feel drawn into their intimate world of joyful beauty and sisterly support for one another. They are as refreshing to the Parisian fashion week as a golden ray of sunlight on a gray day. I will be following this designer, hopefully for years and years to come!


Claudine, 2nd from the right (in black) with her 3 sisters.

Issey Miyake SS 2012


Kelsey Close, Issey Miyake SS2012

The first collection of Yoshiyuki Miyamae for Issey Miyake was not just a fashion show, IT WAS A SHOW! A breath-taking heart-stopping moment of pure artistic talent.

It began with a light show by WOW Inc, in shades of blue, on the ground and with a spire bulb running from the ground tot he ceiling. Like a drop of water … music swirling about overhead and in our ears. The lights swooshed and sparkled like lightening.


Then three models came slowly down through the audience, picking their way down the stadium seating steps….dressed like flowers. They circled the spire and walked slowly down the runway one at a time.


Kelsey Close, Issey Miyake SS2012

Each model was like a flower, an orchid, gentle and delicate, taking dainty steps as they glided softly along the runway. And for 20 minutes everyone forgot about the stiffling unseasonal heat inside the fashion show tent. We were in an exotic garden surrounded by Japanese flowers each one more different and beautiful than the next. The flower becoming a woman… Hmmm. I wrote a literature thesis with this theme in it. Perhaps that is why this show spoke to me so well. I was completely enthralled and taken away by the spectacle. I almost forgot that it was a fashion show! I could have been at the theater for all I knew. It was more than just fashion anyway, it was art and collaboration, and that is what I prefer to see, instead of just trends. that is what fashion shows should all be like! A vibrant display of artistic talent!


P1110716 P1110712 P1110722 P1110711P1110720 P1110709P1110718

Thimister SS2012 #PFW

The Thimister fashion show for the Spring and Summer 2012 collection was held in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris in the garage on rue de Turenne, where I saw Manish Arora last season (but still have not posted that article… le sigh…)

The invite for this show was intriguing to say the least, instructing us to all attend the défilé with clean hair and the picture of an elderly man with an 18th century wig on. Okaaaay…. It made me wonder what on EARTH they were going to do with our heads?!? Fortunately we were spared inspection and only the models had nylon covered heads, as if they walked the catwalk minus a wig. I am still slightly confused.

But I did enjoy the collection and the music, the atmosphere. A little bit of theatrics is always welcome!




…. Natural fibers, colors and raw styled garments ruled the Thimister Spring-Summer 2012 collection. Some of the models looked like they walked right out of a Japanese inspired story from several centuries ago. I especially like the wide cinched belts with straps and buckles (Please let the ciched waist stay in style, please!) as well as the simple lines and materials that seem to catch the movement of the walking models, and float upon it like feathers in the wind.

P1110323 P1110327 P1110331 P1110332 P1110336 P1110341

#PFW Shoe Sighting

Paris fashion week, holds an aspect that I love to explore…. SHOES!
There are so many fun shoes to see and photograph and discover… Shoes, shoes. shoes… fabulous and fun shoes!
Here are some of the shoes I captured :

It takes two! Two feet, two colors, two types of leather…

Red, shiny, fuzzy, all sorts of stuff going on here!

Dainty and fun but the lady needs to learn how to stand like a lady…

Posing pretty!

Comfort and a little bit retro.

Zara…is totally acceptable too!

Color blocking.

Pierre Hardy pizazz!

Not afraid to be blue.

Pretty and sweet summer style.

It’s still rock and roll to me…

Sparkly like the Eiffel tower!

Well, not EVERYONE has good taste in shoes!

#NYFW The Bold and the Colorful

Just a quick look on the other side of the ocean…for Fashion Week

So they say that New Yorkers only ever wear black… this past fashion week in NYC brought an infusion of color that may have left them giddy! Some designers’ collections show a permeation of bright colors, others show a splash here and there, but almost everyone seems to have found a need for an emboldened hue at some point in the game. Here are my picks :

I love Jason Wu’s audacity in using a borderline flourescent yellow, no…let’s admit, this IS flourescnet yellow!  and it accents perfectly with a coral red lip as seen on the runway. But this piece is not just bright, it’s BIG! Like a heavy flower is has layers of silky “petals”…if we see this show up on the red carpet, it is sure to pop like you cannot believe.

Jason Wu SS2012, from

Colorn texture and black accents create this amazing silhouette from Ohne Titel.

Ohne Titel SS2012, from

I was excited for French fashion brand Lacoste to be at the New York fashion week this year. I especially like this bright red piece that looks so easy to wear, so comfortable, yet gives off a classy look that can spice up an otherwise typical Parisian evening at a trendy restaurant or bar à vin.

Lacoste SS2012, from

I don’t find this VPL piece thrilling for it’s cut or design, but the color has me smiling, this has become THE color I want to paint my life with lately…

VPL SS2012, from

Vivienne Tam is seeing and believing…shocking red.

Vivienne Tam SS2012, from

Flowing color within her prints, Vera Wang has found great color combinations that are as light and airy as the fabrics.

Vera Wang SS2012, from

Michael Kors makes desert wandering look so appealing and easy!

Michael Kors SS2012, from

More flourescent yellow on the runway, this time it’s Nanette Lepore who has a very bright and bold collection. Can we call her Palette Galore? 🙂

Nanette Lepore SS2012, from

J. Crew is appealing to my blue hue craze….

J. Crew SS2012, from

It doesn’t get cuter than this Marc by Marc Jacobs sun suit, perfect for the French Riviera and getting noticed at Saint Tropez.

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS2012, from

Madame Lhuillier will be putting the sweetness into our hot summer 2012 nights! And…I have nothing to say other than : Je. veux. to. wear. this. pink. fabulousness.

Monique Lhuillier SS 2012, from

From Stephen Burrows, marina beach wear for the Atlantic coast of France I can only assume. Arcachon baby!

Stephen Burrows SS2012, from

I might go so far as to say that this Badgley Mischka two piece outif, is my favorite from the entire #NYFW SS2012. I just might… Don’t tempt me!

Badgley Mischka SS 2012, from

Diving into the pink, fuscia pink of Tory Burch.

Tory Burch SS2012, from

Knock knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad you wore this Minkoff dress?

Rebecca Minkoff SS2012, from

Thakoon has embraced the concept of color from head…to toe. Um. also with a gold runway. This guy doesn’t hold back!

Thakoon SS2012, from

DNKY is prepared for a rainy Spring season, and will be brightening up NYC in 2012 with traffic stopping pieces like this. It makes me wanna be a part of it…!

DKNY SS2012, from

Donna Karan for those who don’t want to necessarily stop traffic per se….

Donna Karan SS2012, from

For Carlos Miele, color and sunshine seem to be in his brand’s DNA. Does this not take you away to some Mediterranean resort?!?

Carlos Miele SS 2012, from

I think Peter Som had a liiiiiittle too much Starbucks coffee. This is almost blinding color! But, we want it. We really do.

Peter Som SS2012, from

DVF brings in bold blue-ish purple without too much pomp, but it’s so comfortable we would be willing to wear it anywear.

Diane Von Furstenberg SS 2012, from

This purple creation from Prabal Gurung has the best waistline effect I have ever seen.

Prabal Gurung SS2012, from

Helmut Lang makes me want to sing in the rain…

Helmut Lang SS2012, from

Zac Posen is going green next spring! No, JK! He’s going sea grean! No really, I am kidding, he only has two pieces in this color in the SS2012 collection. But it’s fun, non?!?

Zac Posen SS2012, from