Café Hopping in Paris

So there is this concept that people tend to do in their 20’s, called bar hopping. It happens at night, silliness and debauchery is involved and beverages are drunk.

P1200240I am in my 30’s so my bar hopping days are long gone, but I do enjoy a good bout of café hopping! Coffee was in the late 18th century considered a drug (it was consumed at EXTREMELY high concentrations so people would get practically high off it and start (French) revolutions. So if I were an 18th century Parisian I could be considered to wild and crazy, but now coffee is one of the most civilized drinks, caffeine a blasé drug and it is taken as an afternoon treat when one is trying to relax. Robespierre may well have fallen over in his seat if he had been aware of such an outcome of this substance. But there you have it.

I met Mary of Fox in Paris and we hopped from Café Coutume in the 7th to the Télescope café in the 1st. Continue reading