A Shop for Chéri

This one is for the boys!

Planète Rasoir… A totally masculine boutique with all you guys need for shaving. The gentleman who runs the place is a total enthusiast. When I arrived at the store he was have an animated conversation with an equally as excited client – about shaving blades, lotions and other paraphernalia. I thought it was great that men can also be enthusiastic about their facial care. After all it is their face that they show to the world, so why wouldn’t you want to be über picky about what you shave it with daily?!?
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Shopping in and around Paris

Guest post by Bonney Bailey 

Paris has to be one of the most popular shopping cities in the world. Here, high-end chic rubs shoulders with vintage fashion, making this the ultimate city to shop ’til you drop. Whether you’re spending a romantic weekend away or taking the kids to Eurodisney Paris you’ll never be far away from some first class shopping opportunities.

1. Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Dedicated to high end fashion, Avenue Montaigne is the place to shop – and be seen. This famous  street is home to fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix and Bulgari. You can easily do some credit card damage here, although there’s nothing wrong with window shopping! The fashion continues along neighboring Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where you’ll find the flagship stores of Hermès, Lanvin and Lancôme. Not surprisingly, it’s also where you’ll find two of the major Parisian powerhouses – the President of France at the Élysée Palace and the headquarters of French Vogue.

2. Les Puces de Saint-Ouen flea market
There is nothing like a Parisian flea market to bring out the bargain hunter in even the most high-end fashionista. From antique jewelery to vintage perfume bottles, this is a magical place to rummage for treasures, whether to find souvenirs, gifts for someone special, or a beautiful trinket to call your own. Get in early for the crème de la crème of clothing, jewelery, art and home goods.

Les Puces Saint Ouen Flea Market by ParisSharing

3. Le Marais district
Vintage fashion has had something of a revival over the past few years. Yet, while this now seems to extend to the shiny polyester collections of second-hand stores of England, Parisian vintage fashion is on another level of style altogether. Les Marais is home to one of the greatest concentrations of vintage shops in Paris. From appointment-only costumiers to general vintage stores, a determined rummage might reveal a rare Chanel jacket or Hermès scarf. Prête-Moi Paris’ very first blog post was on one such of these vintage stores!

4. La Vallée Village
Even Disneyland Paris holidays can involve some Parisian retail therapy. (Why should the kids have all the fun?) La Vallée Village is a luxury outlet center featuring a huge collection of major designer brands at over 95 boutiques, and everything is at a reduced price. Conveniently, it’s only five minutes away from Disneyland Paris, so you can spend the day enjoying the rides with the kids and then take a little shopping spree with them afterwards. (There’s even designer children’s wear available here!) For those staying in one of the Disney hotels, there’s a dedicated shuttle service that runs straight to La Vallée Village. This shopping haven is open 7 days a week (excluding Christmas day, January 1st and May 1st) so you can easily fit your shopping trip into your Disney trip.

5. Les Galeries Lafayette
This 10-storey department store in the 9th arrondissement of Paris covers everything from bedding to bridalwear. There are some huge designer names here, from Burberry to Vivienne Westwood, but there is plenty for those whose budget won’t quite stretch to luxury brands. There is even a gourmet food and drink department with all manner of foodie indulgences, and an on site travel agent. Its huge glass dome and art deco interior makes this one of the chicest department store experiences you can have.

Another perk about this department store is the free fashion show held there on Fridays to show the different designers that the store features!

Galeries Lafayette by edmundv

As you’ll have gathered, Paris offers a diverse selection of unrivaled shopping experiences, so break out the credit cards or save up your euros, wear comfortable shoes and hydrate and feed yourselves. This is not shopping to be taken lightly!

Vintage ‘it’ bags and more

Since 1995 Monsieur Gérard Avrand and his wife Mme Valérie Michot have held this boutique that brings new life to items that no longer serve their original owners. Chanel bags, Prada, Hermès, Vuitton… I guess in this age of consumerism we can all get tired of even the finest of things and be on the search for something new. Thank goodness there are people like Mr and Mrs Avrand for those of us who aren’t always looking for the newest ‘it’ bags, but rather like to find vintage editions that are no longer sold in the mainstream marketplace.

The boutique is called the Galerie Antiquités de l’Île Saint-Louis, and the concept is that of vintage accessories being treated like antiques, items with increasing value according to their rarity and good condition. They work as a dépôt-vente (consignment) or they may also buy and resell.

Luxury shoes, handbags, scarves and silk ties, jewelry, even furniture! (the dog is not for sale) 🙂


Vintage Hermès Kelly bags, left-right : 1994, 1970s, 1995








20 rue des Deux Ponts 75004 Paris
Tel : @ : isl.antiquites@wanadoo.fr

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Do-it-yourself Fashion

I fell in love with this boutique about a year ago when I first discovered it randomly (see that post here)…BDA. Initialed after it’s founder Bastien Del Ameida.

A concept vintage fashion store that also offers couture lessons. I wanted to try…. I finally got the occasion to thanks to a deal by Groupon purchased a few months ago.


You can come to your couture lesson with a project of your own, or you can go empty handed like I did, and hope that you will be able to decipher the teachings transmitted to you by the skilled couture seamstress. I was given a list of instructions with a pattern diagram on a sheet of paper, and I discovered that I was to learn how to draw my own pattern by following those instructions!

I first drew a pattern for a size 38 (French sizing) and once I had done that correctly, was instructed to create one for my own size, (which was just a few centimeters different from a size 38 so not too difficult). Um… did I just give you all my size???? Oh well, 38 is the most common size in France anyway… it’s the fist one to go on the sales racks.

Moving on…

The pattern I was drawing out was for a pencil skirt, created by the woman who gives the couture lessons.




There was like math and stuff… Drawing a pattern is not easy as pie… more like baklava or croissant level of difficulty.

Then you pin it to your fabric, cut around it with a 1 centimeter margin and head to the sewing machine!




The whole thing was quite a delightful experience, and the store had a slow yet steady stream of what seemed to be regulars coming in for a lesson to work on their projects, or coming in to talk about the progress of their custom made order (yep! they do custom made dresses!). I highly recommend heading over for a lesson or two, you will enjoy yourself immensely if you are the slightest bit interested in fashion, or like to create things. Plus you can browse their amazing collection of vintage couture for sale! There was a little white wiggle dress that caught my eye….

Vide Grenier – Attic Sale


Vide Grenier - snack bar


Reminded by Yelp Paris today about this event that I had attended two years ago (and where I had purchased an old bright orange vintage telephone) I decided to ditch the brocante at Daumesnil for the Vide Grenier at 11 cour Debille in the 11th. It’s a good thing I did too for I met some die-hard vintage dealers with exquisite articles!

BettyRama has a collection to drool over of ladies wear from the 40’s through the 80’s. I tried on a Thierry Mugler rare silk couture vest that did everything to enhance the female figure. (Merci Monsieur Mugler). I also tried on some gorgeous Guy Laroche dresses, and other cocktail dresses that you cannot find anymore without some major pavement pounding and address hunting. She has stunning lingerie and accessories as well. She says that vintage wear is just sexier, unlike the vulgarity that we often see these days. A simple form-fitting dress down to the knees can be very very hot.

I browsed items from Createur & Vintage who have a boutique in the 18th and will be holding a, apéro next weekend the 23rd of October from 19h (7pm) to 23h (11pm) at La Boutique du Bon Coin’s new annex at 29/30 rue Montcalm 75018.

Juke-Box also has a large collection of coats and vests (much needed during this sudden stretch of winter chill) from the 60’s-80’s. They have a store at 1-6 rue du Cygne, but will soon be opening a new one! Prête-Moi Paris will be looking out for it, so check back soon or watch twitter for updates!

But more than just clothing, you can find vintage home décor, vintage furniture, vintage lamps, vintage costume jewelry, vintage hats, vintage suitcases, pretty much vintage everything!

Entry is 2euros. The newt one is on November 1st. With 1950’s swing music playing,hots dogs at the snack bar and vendors quick with a joke, this place seems more like a party than an attic sale.

Allez s’amuser et chiner!

A special thanks to Yelp Paris for the tip

And it was a pleasure to meet the face behind the logo!

Un coup de foudre – Love at first sight

Do you want an experience? I mean a really delicious experience that makes you feel like a glamor queen or a fashion dream??? Les Parisiennes, get away from those department stores ladies! I stumbled happily upon an address for you that you must discover urgently! BDA FASHION CONCEPT STORE – 46 RUE LA CONDAMINE 75017 PARIS. http://www.bastiendealmeida.com/

I was strolling down the street and almost walked past their door. Not a very especially noticeable door. The words “fashion”, and “concept” caught my eye, and I peered into the window… the fact that I had an appointment suddenly escaped my mind. I was struck! I opened the door and felt like I was entering a secret garden… a garden of fashion. The concept store of Bastien De Almeida, decorated by Baptiste (who greeted my warmly), is decorated with glowing neon lights, mirror balls, in a marriage of texture and color that few stores could ever dream of mastering. The place is a work of art, a venu for vintage fashionistas with all the clothing arranged by colors, and then backed by walls in painted in a soft black that makes the colors pop. It is so esthetically pleasing to the eye as a whole, and so interesting in detail that you don’t know where to look first as you wander farther inside to get a closer look. A table with a sewing machine greets you to the left where the couture lessons take place (yes you too can learn!), a central table to your right is filled with every kind of coffee table fashion book you can image, a fishbowl glows on one wall, retro movies on another, an ostrich winks at you from yet another. Feathers tickle the corners of the room and soften the darkness of the walls. Neon lights provide a back-lighting like no other store you’ve seen. And the lace ruffles and taffeta pleats dripping languorously on their hangers call out to you to touch, try on, take home and prance around Paris in them. Oh clothing never had such an irresistible appeal!

"Se faire une toile" = go to the movies

(Lire le billet en français)

I recently saw the documentary, The September Issue, about the most important issue of the year for American Vogue magazine…it put me in the mood for fashion. But since my budget doesn’t include designers like Galliano and Gaultier, I like to find intriguing items to “mysterialize” (my new word) my wardrobe at fripe stores that are scattered mostly around the Marais in Paris.

Free’p star has two locations, both in the 4th arrondissement. They are packed full of racks and racks of vintage, used clothing, some that you wouldn’t have worn even in high school, and some that you would totally use for halloween! But you can find that one fabulous item that makes the outfit perfect. I have found an antique 19th century regency style black bodice, with delicate lace and intricate seams, for a steal!

Have fun finding your own treasures…

Photo courtesy of the website http://www.freepstar.com